Ematrix Machine is 3 time more effective than laser skin tightening

If you are in the beauty circuit you should know that fractional radio frequency by Syneron is 3 time more effective than regular laser skin rejuvenation. 

However latest studies assure that the perfect combination is laser and the fractional radio-frequency treatment. (Laser Association Publications)  

At Universal Laser Center you can find this combination, here we fight wrinkles and lines expression with the latest technology available and we make it affordable for you. 

Visit our Laser Center and ask about the Special skin tightening treatment only periodontal area and start erasing undesirable expression lines in your forehead , dark circles around the eye, saggy skin , acne scars , wrinkles .

your skin will recover from inside out leaven a smother healthy and renovated skin. The results will last longer than any other cosmetic procedure because is natural healing process.



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